Sweet Dreams, Baby


If you think guys are the only ones having wet dreams, think again. I’d had hot phone sex with one of my phone partners before I went to bed and it was very satisfying and very hot. I’d played with him several times over the last few months and liked it more and more with him each time.

I went to bed,a and I usually don’t even have sexy dreams, it’s just not something I’m lucky enough to have very often. Only once every few years, really. Well I had a hell of a dream about fucking my phone sex partner and I woke up in the middle of an orgasm. I was so wet and squeezed my thighs together to draw it out and it was hot as fuck. I texted him to tell him what just happened. I didn’t want to call and wake him if he was still sleeping, so sent the text instead. He was already awake and asked if he could call so we could have another round of fun. I said of course and in minutes I was rubbing my already wet cunt to yet another orgasm, what a way to start the day!

I wish I had dreams like this every week, it would sure be hot to wake up in the middle of an orgasm like that on a regular basis. Guys do luck out in that department, yet I’m glad I can cum multiple times and most guys cannot. Wet dreams are a fantastic thing to have, now if only I could not only make them happen more frequently, but control who was staring in them, that would be fantastic. Who knows, I may master lucid dreaming yet, just depends I guess! This new phone partner is one hot fuck on the phone if I do say so, I could play with him every night and not get bored.

Let Me Listen To The Water Pound Your Clit

One thing I’ve always enjoyed is masturbating in the shower with the shower massager. Feeling the hot, strong stream of water on my clit makes me cum so fucking hard. I mentioned this one day to my phone sex partner and he said he wanted to hear me do it to myself. I said it’s nicer to talk for longer on the phone and play in bed with my fingers, but he was really excited to hear me in there, so I said ok.

So the next time we were going to have phone sex I told him I was going to get in the shower. I hadn’t cum in a few days, so was getting kind of horny as it was. I stepped in naked and turned the water on while I was on the phone with him. He was already stroking his cock. I turned the massager head on the hardest setting and put one leg up on the side of the tub and turned the water even hotter than it was and I started to moan as soon as I felt it touch my clit. I was feeling it drive me crazy and totally lost in the sensations. I could hardly even concentrate on what he was saying it felt so good at that moment.

I don’t take long to cum in the shower, it’s such an intense orgasm that way. It’s hot and hard and explosive as hell. He came just as I was starting to, and I screamed like I was going insane and it echoed off the bathroom walls and sounded so loud. He said he blew a tremendous load listening to me carry on that way and cum so hard. When you cum that way, it’s so intense you don’t need more than one orgasm, your clit is totally numb from the intense sensations. It’s a fucking good time!

A Visit From My Sister


None of us ever wants to get caught when we are masturbating or having phone sex, that’s pretty damned embarrassing! However I’m sorry to say it happened to me last week. My sister was staying with me over the weekend since her apartment was being painted and she couldn’t stand the smell of paint so was staying with me until the painters were finished and the smell had evaporated.

She’s always been a sound sleeper, when we were growing up I could have blaring music and she’d remain dead to the world in such a deep sleep, so I didn’t think anything of it when my boyfriend who’s out of town on business messaged me that he wanted to have phone sex before bed. She’d gone to bed a couple of hours before, and I didn’t think a thing of it. I was rubbing my pussy and talking dirty, sheets off of me, legs wide open sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt, not even trying to be quiet when my door opened and there she was asking about a bottle of aspirin! I nearly died! Knuckles deep in my pussy, she looked stunned and saw one hand in my pussy, the other holding the phone, she spun around and walked out and shut the door.

I didn’t know what to do, I told my boyfriend what happened and he was laughing, he said to just forget it and continue rubbing my pussy. I thought I heard my sister close the door to the guest room, so I did as he suggested and just tried to put it out of my mind. I started rubbing my clit again and was getting turned on listening to him stroke his cock and breathe heavy for me as I got closer and closer to cumming. It was so hot listening to him and I came so hard, I didn’t even hold back, I figured she was likely asleep by now. Not fun getting caught though!

Fart Fetish Phone Sex

A man called me up last night and boy, was it a weird call! He had a fart fetish and it’s not like I never heard of that before, I’ve even done a few phone sex calls on it before, but he wanted me to make farting sounds with my mouth and I felt so silly doing it, but he said it really turned him on. Then he started going on about his girlfriend and how much he enjoyed her farting right in his face and him inhaling the aroma of it.

Hard to understand ones being so turned on by such a thing, or such a smell, but it happens. He then even started going on about how he wanted her to eat beans and cabbage and onions and all sorts of gas producing foods that would be likely to make you fart and normally you’d be horribly embarrassed by if you accidentally let some gas pass in front of your lover. No need for such embarrassments if you were this lad’s girlfriend, he’d love you all the more for it! He said nothing got his dick harder than his girlfriend sitting on his face, or better yet when he was going down on her pussy and she let out a big, gassy fart in his face.

No need to excuse yourself from the room to let one rip, just let her blow and get your guy as hard as a rock. He was telling me how after dinner one night his girlfriend and he were having sex and she farted as he was fucking her and it caused him to nearly blow his load he got so turned on. She’s laughed as she farted right in his face and he came as it happened. Not sure what he’d do if he got a shy girlfriend that was too uncomfortable being that casual around him. I’d be embarrassed and ashamed to, but he likes it, someone into everything I guess. He asked if I could try to really fart into the phone and I managed a small one, but he liked it anyway!

Girl With A Surprise


We’ve got some super sexy shemales just waiting for your call. Girls with a surprise under their skirts, and we think you know what kind of a surprise, don’t you…The 8 inch throbbing kind, that’s what kind! Beautiful tits, firm bubble butts and a lovely, hard dick for you to suck on and have fuck you. Shemales are a special kind of girl, and we know that’s what you’ve been dreaming of, isn’t it? Sexy, lovely face, but that huge piece of man meat just dangling between their legs and waiting to impale your little man pussy!

Lots of men are intrigued by the taboo phone sex that a shemale can offer them. It’s not like any ordinary girl. There’s a lot more variety you can get with a girl like this, it truly is the best of both worlds. You get a cock, tits, a nice hole to fuck, and a blow job better than most women could dream to deliver, since if one has a cock themselves, how could they not know how best to give a blowjob!? We are a kinky breed indeed. We live on the fringes of society and like it that way. We aren’t like others, we are different and we offer more.

Suck my sweet cock til it cums down your throat with it’s succulent juice, dripping down your chin making you hard as a rock as you clamor for more. Then I will flip you over on all fours and fuck you hard until your whole body shakes back and forth and you cream in your hand that’s working your dick up and down and maybe I’ll tell you to lick it off your hand and you will do as you are told. Be a submissive slut for your shemale and I just might let you cum.

Cream Pie, Anyone?

One of the most common types of reasons men call us up for phone sex is cuckold. They often but not always have a tiny dick as well and want to see their ladies satisfied by a real man with a real man sized cock. Many are into he interracial aspect of this sort of fantasy as well. One many calls up and says his wife regularly entertains a half a dozen black men with enormous cocks triple the size of his.

Right. In his dreams maybe. She’s also supposedly been knocked up by one of them, and guess what, no one knows which one is the daddy. He’s expected to pay the way for the kid of course even though he knows it’s not his, because of course he hasn’t fucked his own wife in many years, not since she took up with the black lovers. If it wasn’t so comical it would be bizarre that so many like to indulge in this sort of fantasy. Many into cuckold also like to talk about fluffing up the lover of their woman, the ultimate in humiliation, sucking on the wife’s lovers cock to get it hard for her pussy, or is it? No, I’d think the next step is worse-licking out his still warm, fresh cum and slurping it down with relish and glee.

The cuckold is an interesting case to be sure. Many wish to watch, some wish to participate, others like to just hear about their wives dates when they go out and who all they fucked and got filled up with their cum. Most of them will delight in the leavings of their wife’s lover that’s been left in her pussy. They will stroke their little dick and feel it all hard and throbbing as they lap out another man’s cum from her cunt.

Phone Sex For The Untouchables


Now not everyone having phone sex is an untouchable or disabled or no experience with the opposite sex, but some are without a doubt. Many disabled people obviously have full and fairly normal lives. Some however if their disability is extreme or if they are also shy have many social issues they may not have overcome. I can tell you I’ve had many handicapped callers over the years to varying degrees. Some in wheelchairs where phone sex with women was their only sexual contact with women they have ever had.

Some too shy to even think of going to an escort. There are escorts even that specialize in handicapped clients. Some are just too afraid, and many although well into their adulthood, one even in his 60’s I can think of, that was so afraid his family might find out. Very, very sad. So masturbation and phone sex was it for him sex wise. So we truly are providing an important outlet for people that otherwise would have no sexual contact for themselves at all other than their own hand.

Some may not be disabled physically, but emotionally. Some have such awkwardness around women, they have just never been able to do anything with people of the opposite sex, yet the anonymity of the phone sex world allows them to be more confidant since they are not face to face, that intimidation factor is removed, they can be more the person they wish they could among others but don’t have the nerve to be. Some may just be ugly and not have the money for an escort, so this is their best and only option. We are a helping hand for the many people out there, the ones that can’t get a woman, or that are in sexless marriages, there’s tons of those out there, so they seek warmth from us.

Gay Phone Sex


Many people think phone sex is just for guys calling the ladies, but that’s not true at all. Lots of guys like to call up other guys on the gay lines. Many times guys will feel more free to call up another guy and masturbate with them if they don’t have any same sex experience in real life. A cheap phone sex call doesn’t seem as intimidating as a real life encounter might. No real life consequences to a phone sex call, no friends or family find out. Not as satisfying as real life no, but a lot safer.

People online and on the phone seem a lot easier to reveal your deepest, darkest desires to than someone face to face you might see frequently. You can call up some young, hot stud on the phone and tell him you’ve been thinking of sucking cock for years but just haven’t had the nerve to really do it. They won’t judge you, since if they are answering a gay line, they likely enjoy sucking cock as well. Yes, there’s lots of sexy ladies to choose from on phone sex lines, but there are male operators waiting to get you off and make you cum hard and cum right along with you!

Think of being so fucking horny when you call up and your dick is already hard, throbbing, and leaking precum. What are you going to do after getting so worked up watching all that gay porn all night? Pick up the phone and find another hard dick on the other end of the line and stroke one out together, that’s what. Cum and shoot your loads, and lick it up if you dare and that’s your thing. So many horny, hot guys out there just waiting to blow for you.

Sex Toys For Your Phone Date


When some people have phone sex, they aren’t just using their fingers or hands, many like to incorporate sex toys into their phone sex play. Lots of guys like the idea that if they aren’t actually there fucking the lady they are on the phone with, that they are using a dildo on themselves so it’s acting as a substitute for their cock. Some men have even mentioned to me if they know I’m not using a sex toy, it’s just not the same to them! My fingers can turn me on plenty, yet ones that love the idea of a girl with toys, nothing less will do.

Some like to actually watch their girls masturbate for them on cam with their sex toys, big vibes sliding in and out of their pussies. Many guys on the phone will even ask to hear the vibe going and want you to hold it up to the phone. They are rubbing their cock imagining that toy you are using on yourself as you’re having phone sex with them is their own cock. It turns them on tremendously in most cases and they love to watch.

One sex toy that’s out there is a the Clone a Willy kit, where a guy can make a clone of his own cock and then slip a vibe into the middle of it, so his girlfriend can literally have a replica of his cock and use that on herself as she’s masturbating, so in effect he’s fucking her in absentia. Guys love this kind of stuff. They have such egos, it makes them feel good to know women would be using a toy cock of their very own cock. Knowing as they are having a phone date with their girlfriend she does in effect have his cock inside her still, so they are still together in some small way.

Jesus Isn’t Watching, Enjoy Yourself!


Who exactly is having phone sex? A cross section of society, that’s who. Some people that are more religious and repressed will fall into having phone sex and other forms of online fun because it isn’t actual sex and they feel less guilty about having phone sex with someone online when there’s no actual penetration or body contact involved. For some it is the only type of intimate experience some have had with another person.

For many any type of masturbation is a riddled with guilt behavior to them they simply can’t stop doing, so ones that venture into phone sex are the real rebels. You are actually listening to another person masturbate and them hear you, it’s the next best thing to being there and actually fucking them. Even the most religious people get horny, no way around it. Phone sex may be as deep a connection as they can allow themselves to have with another person since to them unless you are married, sex is a sin.

People need to loosen up and understand being horny is no more shameful than being sleepy or thirsty, it’s just a drive, plain and simple and needs to be met, not fought, not prayed it will go away and is a wicked sin. Phone sex is a good way to enhance your masturbation if you’re not ready to take the real step towards sex just yet, for whatever reason. Calling a phone sex line can be a lot more satisfying than going on a real date, there’s no guarantee you will get lucky on a date, but a phone sex call is a sure thing!