Sex Toys For Your Phone Date


When some people have phone sex, they aren’t just using their fingers or hands, many like to incorporate sex toys into their phone sex play. Lots of guys like the idea that if they aren’t actually there fucking the lady they are on the phone with, that they are using a dildo on themselves so it’s acting as a substitute for their cock. Some men have even mentioned to me if they know I’m not using a sex toy, it’s just not the same to them! My fingers can turn me on plenty, yet ones that love the idea of a girl with toys, nothing less will do.

Some like to actually watch their girls masturbate for them on cam with their sex toys, big vibes sliding in and out of their pussies. Many guys on the phone will even ask to hear the vibe going and want you to hold it up to the phone. They are rubbing their cock imagining that toy you are using on yourself as you’re having phone sex with them is their own cock. It turns them on tremendously in most cases and they love to watch.

One sex toy that’s out there is a the Clone a Willy kit, where a guy can make a clone of his own cock and then slip a vibe into the middle of it, so his girlfriend can literally have a replica of his cock and use that on herself as she’s masturbating, so in effect he’s fucking her in absentia. Guys love this kind of stuff. They have such egos, it makes them feel good to know women would be using a toy cock of their very own cock. Knowing as they are having a phone date with their girlfriend she does in effect have his cock inside her still, so they are still together in some small way.

Jesus Isn’t Watching, Enjoy Yourself!



Who exactly is having phone sex? A cross section of society, that’s who. Some people that are more religious and repressed will fall into having phone sex and other forms of online fun because it isn’t actual sex and they feel less guilty about having phone sex with someone online when there’s no actual penetration or body contact involved. For some it is the only type of intimate experience some have had with another person.

For many any type of masturbation is a riddled with guilt behavior to them they simply can’t stop doing, so ones that venture into phone sex are the real rebels. You are actually listening to another person masturbate and them hear you, it’s the next best thing to being there and actually fucking them. Even the most religious people get horny, no way around it. Phone sex may be as deep a connection as they can allow themselves to have with another person since to them unless you are married, sex is a sin.

People need to loosen up and understand being horny is no more shameful than being sleepy or thirsty, it’s just a drive, plain and simple and needs to be met, not fought, not prayed it will go away and is a wicked sin. Phone sex is a good way to enhance your masturbation if you’re not ready to take the real step towards sex just yet, for whatever reason. Calling a phone sex line can be a lot more satisfying than going on a real date, there’s no guarantee you will get lucky on a date, but a phone sex call is a sure thing!

Call Me, Baby!

phone sex girl

I love all kinds of sex, real sex of course, web cam sex can be exciting as well. Cyber sex I have never really gotten the appeal of. You’re not looking at someone, you’re not listening to someone, it’s just a bunch of typing, which is a lot of work and distracting from masturbating as far as I’m concerned.

One of the earliest types of sex I played around with was phone sex, and it was fucking hot! I used to love to call one of my male friends up before bed and have a nice, steamy conversation and masturbate. I hope my parents didn’t hear me! I tried to be quiet, but things can get a bit louder than you plan for in the heat of the moment. They never said anything and we were all pretty liberal, so even if they heard obviously they were cool with it and never gave me any grief about it. Masturbating is so good for you, I’ve always adored it. So relaxing and sexy.

I had some hot times on the phone with my pals when I was in school. I tried never to masturbate alone and we were all so cool with it, we wouldn’t even mention it much other than while it was happening. I was a bit naughty and played with lots of guys on the phone. Learned all kinds of different kinks to talk about and think about as we played together. Many fetishes the boys I played with liked they’d learned about through watching porn and told me about them, and they were fun.